Bonus genealogy activity - Census Information

Provided by the Victoria Genealogical Society (VGS), Victoria, BC, Canada


This project can be modified to look at many different aspects of life in 1901 or 1911. The 1901 census pages are easier to read than those in the 1911 census.


1901 Canadian Census - http://automatedgenealogy.com/census/
Saskatchewan and Alberta are included in the 1901 census as The Territories.

1906 Census of the Northwest Provinces - http://automatedgenealogy.com/census06/
There was a 1906 census for Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba only.
(These three provinces were included in the 1911 census.)

1911 Canadian Census - http://automatedgenealogy.com/census11/

Newfoundland was not part of Canada until 1949, so census returns for this province are not available for 1901 or 1911.


In the 1901census for the Victoria and Vancouver areas there are several sub districts and pages which show some interesting features of the society of the day.

Victoria District Sub-district, Victoria City Enumeration District D-17, pages 11 to 14 provides a variety of occupations, birth places and socio-economic groups listed. Page 11 has a range of occupations from Judge of the Supreme Court, barrister, and mine owner to baker, printer dressmaker and gardener. There are also domestic servants living in the homes. The next three pages also contain citizens with a variety of jobs with more of a mix of labourers, sailors, clerks and apprentices.

Victoria District, Esquimalt Sub-district, Enumeration District A-1, page 1 includes a wider range of ethnic origins and occupations such as hotel keeper, shipwright shipmaster.

Vancouver Island District, Victoria North Sub-district, Enumeration District H-1, page 6 contains Japanese fishermen and farmers. Victoria South District Enumeration District I-2 (Royal Oak and Highlands) is also mainly farmers.

Vancouver Island District, Comox Sub-district, Enumeration District B-1, pages 7 and 8 contains large numbers of farmers and miners. Page 8 is entirely made up of Chinese, all miners and all male.

Yale Cariboo District, Cariboo Sub-district, Enumeration District A-2, page 1 shows some of the residents of Barkerville with a variety of different occupations.


Different pages for areas across B.C. and Canada will show similar interesting features of what life was like one hundred years ago.

There is a wealth of information available in the census documents for 1901, 1906, and 1911. A 1916 census was done for Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba but it is only available on Ancestry.ca which is a pay site. This site can be accessed at the Victoria Genealogy Society Resource Centre.



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