Option 3 for the "Grow Your Family Tree" Activity

Provided by the Victoria Genealogical Society (VGS), Victoria, BC, Canada


"Give Me 5 Generations" Family Tree Chart thumbnail.The Give Me Five Generations Chart can be viewed on the Canadian Archives site. Larger paper versions can be ordered from the above site. They are also available from the VGS Resource Centre but you should check to see if there are enough charts in stock. The address of the Resource Centre is on the main VGS site.



On this chart you are the star! There is a box at the top left where you can fill in your full name and birth date.

The left side of the chart is for your father and his family members and the right side is for your mother and her family. The cube shapes are for males (father, grandfather, great-grandfather) and the spheres are for the females (mother, grandmother, great-grandmother).

  1. Put your full name (given names and surname or family name) and birth date in the box where it says me.
  2. Fill in the full name and birth date for your father in the box marked father. Do the same for your mother. Remember to use her birth name not her married name! You can write their marriage date on the line joining their two boxes.
  3. Above the cube and your father’s box fill in the information for his father and mother. Do the same for your mother’s parents on her side of the chart. These are your grandparents.
  4. Fill in the information for as many of the parents of your grandparents as you can. These are your great-grandparents.
  5. If you know names and dates for the next generation above your great-grandparents fill it in as well. The ancestors in this generation are your great-great-grandparents.

Things to Think About

People in the chart may be directly related by birth or related by marriage. Direct relations by birth are those where you can move up or down in the chart from one person to the other along the blue connecting lines.

Everyone above you in the chart is your ancestor. For anyone in the chart, direct relations above him or her in the chart are their ancestors. For example, a great-grandmother on the right side of the chart is an ancestor of your mother but not of your father.

Descendants are a person’s children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and so on. You are a descendant of everyone on the chart. Your father is a descendant of all the people above him on the left side of the chart. Your mother is the descendant of all of the people above her on the right side of the chart. Descendants are direct relations.

A grandparent is a direct relation two generations (or levels) higher on the chart. Can you find the grandparents of your father?

A grandchild is a direct relation two levels lower on the chart. Look at a great-great-grandfather on the right side of the chart. Can you find this person’s grandchild?



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