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VGS Members Surname Interest Online Index Re-Launched!

December 8, 2010 - Family History researchers have a newly updated resource to use.  The project to update the Members Surname Interest Online Index has been successfully completed with the launch of the new Online Index on December 8, 2010.  Internet users seeing the surname a Victoria Genealogical Society member is researching will be able to contact the Society and we will pass this information onto our member.  The Society continues to ensure our members’ email addresses are kept confidential.

The old index had not been updated for some time and therefore it was removed and replaced in its entirety.  This and our other online Indexes can be found on our resources page.  Remember to come back and visit us again because we are presently adding new information to the Member Surname Interest online Index on a regular basis.


New VGS Library Fund Raising Program Announced

Thrifty Smile Card Fundraising Program
Thrifty Foods Smile Card
Just by buying groceries,
you can contribute to
the VGS Library fund

We are happy to announce that Thrifty Foods has accepted the Victoria Genealogical Society into their Smile Card Funding Raising Program. Smile Cards are available free for members and non-members at the Resource Center and our Monthly Meetings. They work like most other gift cards you may have seen but when you ‘load’ money into your Smile Card Thrifty’s makes a donation to our new VGS Fund Raising drive for new books and subscriptions for our Library. Thrifty’s donation is equivalent to 5% of what you’ve ‘loaded’ or paid into your Smile Card….which clears up the misconception that your card is only loaded with 95% of what you paid and the other 5% was sent to VGS. False. Thrifty’s pays the 5% from their revenues which is a real win for you.

We haven’t had the funds recently to purchase new resources for our Library so we are excited that we’ve been approved for the Thrifty’s Smile Card Fundraising Program. We hope that you will support the Library Fund Raising Program and pick up a card for yourself as well as cards for your family and friends. Even if you only shop at Thrifty’s occasionally you will be helping our Library.

Our Smile Card holders can pay by cash or credit card when they ‘load’ their Smile Card at the Customer Service counter or a cashier in any Thrifty’s store they shop. Load your Smile Card before your groceries are rung in.

Members in the Thrifty’s loyalty program still collect points when they use the Smile Card to make a grocery purchase and the balance remaining on your Smile Card shows on the receipt. Smile Cards can be re-loaded so don’t throw them away!

If you have any questions about the Smile Card program please contact Merv Scott at  - NOT Thrifty’s. Merv has a contact at Thrifty’s to sort out our questions.


VGS School Program Design Approved

At the December 4, 2010, meeting of the VGS Executive Committee several recommendations were submitted from the VGS School Project’s Design Committee. The Executive endorsed their recommendations and approved that the development of the proposed VGS School Program be undertaken. Thankfully all the members of the Design Committee are staying on to take on the development work. Our thanks to the Design Committee members.

If you would like to learn more about this or other ongoing VGS projects, please visit our VGS projects page.

VGS School Program Design Committee, Victoria, BCs

Left to Right: Merv Scott, Penny Holt, Rosemary Smith, Christina Thomas,
Margaret Kirkpatrick and missing from photo is Lori Prophet.

Photo courtesy of Claudia Booman.

VGS Coordinators Needed

Coordinators, who assist the VGS Executive in a number of defined areas, are still required for several important jobs within the society.  We encourage VGS members to consider volunteering for one of the following volunteer coordinator positions.  Your help is really needed!

Volunteer Coordinator – needed to assist members in using their skills in various jobs within VGS – e.g. Seminars, Presentations, external events ( i.e. Highland Games display), etc.

Journal Coordinator – to assist the Journal Editor in managing distribution, etc., for the VGS Journal

Advertising Coordinator – for the Journal

Tech Coordinator - upkeep, updating, etc for the various electronic equipment in the VGS Resource Centre including computers, printers, scanners, laptop & projector, microfilm viewers/printers, etc.

Photographer – for all VGS functions, locations


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