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VGS Journal Formats

The printed VGS Journal is in a two column format on 11 X 17 paper, folded, saddle stitched and trimmed.

The Journal is also available in digital PDF file format for delivery by email, for those wishing to help us save on printing and mailing costs.


Back Issues for Purchase

Back Issues of our VGS Journals as well as selected journal articles (scanned or photocopied) are available upon request.

Information on applicable fees and who to contact can be found on our queries page.

VGS Journal Index

Download the following index files to our past journal issues by clicking on the links below.

Open these downloaded files on your computer, and use the instructions below to search each file for subjects, titles and authors of interest to your family research,

1978 - 1992

(download in PDF file format)

A - Dun     Dup - Our     P - Z    

Codes Used - Type of Article
A - Article in the Journal
BR - Book Review
EV - Events, synopsis of
EX - Extracts from newspapers, etc.
ON - One Name Groups/Reunions
Q - Queries
R - Resources, Addresses
T - Talks at our General Meetings

1993 - 2007
(download in searchable PDF file format)
(reformatted Jun 2016)

VGS JOURNAL INDEX - Volumes 16 - 30

The above index is sorted by "SUBJECT", which could be a surname, a location, a ship's name, a topic etc.  Use the "find" function in the program you are using to view the PDF file to locate subjects of interest.

If you are interested in finding out other subjects discussed in the same article, you may wish to download the same index, sorted by "ARTICLE TITLE":

VGS Journal Index - Volumes 16 - 30
(sorted by article title)

To order selected articles, please contact -
Be sure to include the subject, the article title and author (where given),
and the journal volume, number, date and page.


Contribute to Future VGS Journals

Criteria for Publication

The Journal welcomes articles in any format. Articles must be clear, concise, and correct, and above all, be of interest to our members. Preference will be given to articles that best further genealogical research. Previously published material must be accompanied by written permission from the originator and/or the copyright owner.

Publication of any article will be at the discretion of the Editor.  Accepted submissions will be published in the next edition depending on space available.


Connecting – New column in the VGS Journal. -

The objective of the column is to connect people who are interested in the history of the same family or individual. Members may submit up to 4 items per year free of charge, non-members may submit items at a charge of $10 each. Members may submit a 5th or more items per year at a charge of $10 each. Items should be no more than 75 words in length, and are subject to editing. They should include surnames and given names, dates or time period, and locations.

Mail items to:
Victoria Genealogical Society Journal
209 - 4475 Viewmont Avenue
Victoria, BC, Canada  V8Z 6L8


Advertisements in the Journal - 1/4 page: $25.00 per issue. Business Card: $5.00 per issue, (available to members only).

Submit to: Journal Editor,
Victoria Genealogical Society
209 - 4475 Viewmont Avenue
Victoria, BC, Canada  V8Z 6L8