(Settlers & Early Residents before 1910)

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The names in this index are derived from newspaper and magazine articles about pioneer families of Greater Victoria, located on the southern tip of Vancouver Island, BC, Canada  (Victoria, Saanich, Sidney, Esquimalt, Western Communities and Sooke).

These articles are numbered and are stored in binders in the VGS Genealogy Learning and Research Centre.  The index is sorted by last name, then first name. The numbers after each name refer to the document numbers where that name is mentioned. Many names are found in more than one document, and many documents contain more than one name.

Before you visit the Genealogy Learning and Research Centre to access these binders and documents,
or before you send in your query for lookup,
please access the index through the link below to obtain the relevant document numbers.


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Greater Victoria Pioneers Index in PDF file format
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This Pioneers Index was last updated in AUGUST 2012
and now includes over 5500 unique names found in 793 clippings and documents.


If you can't make it into our Learning Centre, and want us to send you copies of relevant articles referenced in this index, please email the Queries Committee, or send mail to...

Victoria Genealogical Society
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Please state that you are requesting information from the Pioneers' Database and the person's name. Please provide as much information as possible when contacting the Queries Committee.

Fees will be charged for this service.  For details on amounts and payment procedures, please visit our VGS queries page.